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The fun captain and crew will exceed your expectations!  Part of their mission is to describe all the fascinating sights and points of interest that you will take in as you cruise along the Emerald Coast. Our informative captain, who was born and raised here in Panama City, will tell everyone about the local area history and the captivating marine wild life. Even an occasional nautical sea-tale will be great to hear from the crew.  Of course, the pleasant tropical tunes that are playing onboard just add to the atmosphere, especially during the spectacular sunset cruise.

Don’t forget your camera because you wouldn’t want to miss that once-in-a-lifetime picture or video of the playful dolphins as they splash and surf in the wake created by the Sea Screamer. During the trip, our enthusiastic deckhand will hoist aboard a crab trap to show off some of St Andrews Bay’s interesting eco-life. As part of, what we call the “critter encounter”, passengers find it exciting to hold a crab or other sea creature. And a great way for kids to really cool off during those warm summer daytime trips is with our stream-machine water launchers.  From the Lil’ screamers to those amusing older screamers, this two-hour excursion is enjoyed by all ages.  Whether you cruise on the original Sea Screamer or our new Sea Screamer 2, it’s our crew member’s quest to make this the highlight of your visit to Panama City Beach.

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